The following articles of the Cascade Middle Schools National Junior Honor Society By-laws relate to membership and selection of membership for that organization, is to be published in a Cascade Junior High publication prior to the selection process for National Junior Honor Society:



Section 1. Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection for membership is by a faculty council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, service, and citizenship.

Section 2. The faculty council shall reserve the right to award honorary membership to school officials, principals, teachers, NJHS advisors, or adults in recognition of outstanding service rendered to the school in keeping with the purpose of the National Junior Honor Society.

Section 3. Candidates become members when inducted at a special ceremony.

Section 4. A National Junior Honor Society member who transfers to another school and brings a letter from the former principal or chapter advisor to the new school advisor shall be accepted automatically as a member in the new school’s chapter. Transfer members must meet the new chapter’s standards within one semester in order to retain membership.

Section 5. Members who resign or are dismissed are never again eligible for membership or benefits.



Section 1. To be eligible for membership the candidate must be a member of those classes (seventh or eighth grade)

Section 2. Candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher in core classes. Candidates shall then be evaluated on the basis of service, leadership, character, and citizenship.

Section 3. The selection of each member to the chapter shall be by majority vote of the faculty council.

Section 4. A description of the selection procedure shall be published in an official school publication which is widely available in a timely fashion to all students and parents of the school. The selection procedure shall be determined by the faculty council and shall be consistent with the rules and regulations of the National Junior Honor Society. (Please see the NJHS advisor or a copy of the National regulations)

Section 5. The National Council and the NASSP shall not review the judgment of the faculty council regarding selection of individual members to local chapters.